About Us

Hello democratic people!

“Not everyone can go to parliament but now the parliament can come to us.”

Welcome to Legal Sansad, India’s first ever-online parliament for the new outlook. Living in a democratic country and confining our views to ourselves is surely the biggest nightmare of all and to give the biggest gift of democracy to everyone we present India’s first online debate portal, “legal Sansad”. Legal Sansad believes that every person should have an appropriate platform to express their views and share their beliefs.  Our country has never failed us in terms of implementing new laws and debating in the parliament to bring the best acts and laws for us, but we do not have a platform to express our views about the same, but now we present you legal sansad, India’s first online debate platform where you are free to express your perspective about India’s current affairs.

The Indian government has been working restlessly in the past few months to implement the new laws, to repeal provisions of statutes and to give a new shape to the Indian legal system. There is a lot to say in support or in against these acts, legal sansad initiates legal debate and welcome new thoughts and understanding of people. Legal sansad conducts debates on various legal and current economic issues of the country. For us the sky is the limit and so is the limit for your debate, as in Legal sansad we not only focus on the events happened in the country but the debaters can suggest the law/acts our government should propose and pass. Promoting and motivating innovators is the priority of legal sansad. We made debating easy and convenient for your ease. Legal sansad appreciates new thinking and creates a new connection between the legal fraternity and the people of India. We promote everyone’s right to speech, respect individual thinking, and therefore, give you the best online debate platform.

Apart from providing a platform to your words, we also aim to provide legal education to maximum people by issuing our legal courses, quizzes, workshops, and essay/article and blogging competitions. Legal sansad is always open for new learners and promises to keep that zing alive in them. Our goal is to promote online legal education and awareness amongst the people. Legal sansad: the online parliament is the new concept in the field of law based on the approach of digital India. Brining parliament on your fingertip is by far the best approach to spread legal education online.